Monday, April 19, 2010


In looking back at this blog, I realized that the story of our trip to FL was never completed. Guess the brain was waterlogged by the rain storms in March. So now is the time to complete the adventure.

The last day of the trip, JBM, FlyBoy and Ellen's hub made the exciting trek to Gatorland. This was the one place that Ellen's hub did not want to miss as it was featured to be a "slice of old world Florida." Well, since I did not go, I had to rely on the word of the boys. Two thirds of the troop thought it was thrilling...the other one third? Let's just say, if you have seen one gator you have seen Gatorland? Anyhow, it was enjoyable to live vicariously through the experience.

First, Ellen and I enjoyed the stories from JBM and Ellen's hub. They were thrilled at the sight, size and number of gators. They enjoyed the "jumping" show and also had the chance to feed the alligators. Then there were the text messages from FlyBoy. Don't get me wrong, he had fun too but was done with the experience a little sooner than the others....each text message had a few more "a" in the word Gator.

The visit to Gaaaaaatorland seemed like appropraite way to end a vacation that started with a day at the Daytona 500. Can you say "redneck"?


  1. It brought out their inner "Bubba."

  2. Not only can I say "redneck," I can speak it as well;)

  3. When's the next Gaaaatorland trip???