Monday, March 21, 2011

Better Days?!

So I am hoping that this week will bring some better days....nothing life shattering going on but a few things that have left me feeling less than enthusiastic.....

Got the results of the school nurse certification exam that I spent six months studying for....I missed passing the exam by one question! So I spent some time this weekend dusting off the books and making a plan to study some more and take the exam again in August.

Had some "minor" oral surgery last Tuesday. Saturday night it occurred to me that six days later, my mouth should not still be swollen, I should not look like I am carrying a golf ball around in my mouth, my mouth should not be throbbing and it should not be warm to the touch....can you spell infected! Now on antibiotics for 24 hours and feeling much better. The packing comes out tomorrow and I hope that the graft took! Glad this happened with the last surgery and not the first.

On a happy is Spring. Although I did drive through snow on the way to work today.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And a week later......

Last night was the Squirt House championship game against the Devils. JBM's team is the Rangers. The Rangers were flat and the team's goalie looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.....JBM and his line played their hearts out but the team lost 2-0. The Rangers were robbed of a goal in the third period by the referees but that is what live sports is all about.

Lots of tears at our house last night and in the locker room after the is hard to watch but you've gotta love the passion! TSAnnie tells me that the tears will shift from JBM to me some day....that has already happened.

On to baseball.........waiting to see what team he will be on. FlyBoy has chosen not to manage this year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good sports day......

In between school work and CMTs, JBM loves and plays sports....recess and team.

Yesterday was a good sports day in our recess JBM scored the only touchdown in the football game and won the game for his team. Hockey playoffs started last night....I normally do not go to the games but thought I should go to the playoffs. Did not arrive until the beginning of the second period but arrived just in time to see JBM score a break away goal! Yeah.

On a side note, FlyBoy has asked me not to come to any more games as I am a bit too enthusiastic with my hoo. However, I was the first one to notice that there were not enough kids on the ice for one of the shifts and my voice carried better than everyone else to get the coaches attention and JBM on the ice in time for an assist. The head coach thanked me later.

I guess living with a mother who is profoundly deaf has some benefits :0

Happy Wednesday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

School Haiku

Everyone seems to be thinking in haiku this week so I thought I would join the fun?! Here is mine:

School hurts at age nine
March is now CMT time.
School will hurt Mom more.

For those who do not know what CMTs are, the letters stand for Connecticut Mastery Tests and they are given in all schools for grades 3-8 during the month of March. Every student takes them and every bit of education that has occurred to this point in the school year is geared toward the CMTs. I cannot wait for them to be over....we will have many visits to the health office in the next two weeks (stress and exhaustion) from both students and teachers. And I will have a very tired child at home at the end of the each day.....pray for me.