Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And a week later......

Last night was the Squirt House championship game against the Devils. JBM's team is the Rangers. The Rangers were flat and the team's goalie looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.....JBM and his line played their hearts out but the team lost 2-0. The Rangers were robbed of a goal in the third period by the referees but that is what live sports is all about.

Lots of tears at our house last night and in the locker room after the is hard to watch but you've gotta love the passion! TSAnnie tells me that the tears will shift from JBM to me some day....that has already happened.

On to baseball.........waiting to see what team he will be on. FlyBoy has chosen not to manage this year.


  1. I neglected to mention that I was at the game last night. I had oral surgery yesterday and my mouth was swollen so I was not as enthusiastic a fan as the week before.......

  2. Hugs for JBM - it's no fun to lose, but it's a good life lesson.

    Good luck with baseball - I can't imagine that Fly Boy won't be involved!

  3. Don't know who life lessons are harder on. The child or the parent that has to live through their child learning it.

  4. I am sorry that they played with heart and lost. Sometimes life just isn't fair and it doesn't make any sense at all : (