Friday, September 25, 2009

A new season and a new coach

Those of you who know my family well have either tailgated with us or are bored to tears with listening to my family talk about Army Football..... We have shared in or most recently owned season tickets to USMA Army Football. One of the best places in the world to enjoy the autumn weather and a bit of militray tradition. Something that Flyboy and JBM live for.......helicopters, paratroopers, pomp, circumstance and, oh yeah, some football.

This year the team has several new things....a new coach, re-deployed players, and a new helicopter (no it is not a Balckhawk much to my boys dismay). And for the first time since 1996, they have a winning record and are fun to watch! Having a 6 foot 10 inch wide reciever does help when you do not have much of a passing game.

Maybe a bowl game is in our future this year? GO ARMY and maybe they will actually BEAT NAVY!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lice anyone?

So the school year is in full swing and we received notice of our first cases of unwanted visitors this week......head lice. It is always so much fun to be picking through a child's hair and this search often includes siblings, parents and teachers as well. Always glad to help.....but what I do not understand is why some parents feel it is important to know who the child in a class is with the head lice! Yes, I know it is a pain to have to check your child every day for two weeks (that is why JBM is buzzed!) but it is a privacy issue and I would not want any child or parent to have to deal with the social implications.

So I ask those parents out there who may get a notice about lice to take the notice and treat it seriously...don't beat up on a teacher or the school nurse to try and find out who has lice. It does not matter! Just make sure your child doesn't. It is not rocket science.

I had lice in elementary school and my hair was down to my waist at the time. It was not fun for me or my Mom but we had plenty of girl time. Oh and by the way, my hair was cut short at the time and has not been below my shoulders since!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're Back

So today is the first day of a new school year and this is the first moment I have had to even reflect on it. What does this year promise to bring our way? If today is any indication, it could be very interesting..... So far today, we have a few students out with "flu like symptoms," the lunch of a child with severe food allergies disappeared so we had to find them something safe to eat, we have news students on daily "vitamins" who really need them and waiting for parents to come and administer almost put me over the edge and we are drowning in the piles of paper that come with the beginning of the school year. I have grown to really dislike the color pink. All I have to say is...."is it June yet?"