Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lice anyone?

So the school year is in full swing and we received notice of our first cases of unwanted visitors this week......head lice. It is always so much fun to be picking through a child's hair and this search often includes siblings, parents and teachers as well. Always glad to help.....but what I do not understand is why some parents feel it is important to know who the child in a class is with the head lice! Yes, I know it is a pain to have to check your child every day for two weeks (that is why JBM is buzzed!) but it is a privacy issue and I would not want any child or parent to have to deal with the social implications.

So I ask those parents out there who may get a notice about lice to take the notice and treat it seriously...don't beat up on a teacher or the school nurse to try and find out who has lice. It does not matter! Just make sure your child doesn't. It is not rocket science.

I had lice in elementary school and my hair was down to my waist at the time. It was not fun for me or my Mom but we had plenty of girl time. Oh and by the way, my hair was cut short at the time and has not been below my shoulders since!


  1. We always dodged that little bullet. Remind me not to rub my head all over you and Annie's....

  2. I am glad to say that my kid's remained lice free during their school days.
    Keep your head free of the little stinkers!

  3. Ugh! Don't get me started on lice. They played completed havoc in our family's life a few years ago. And the nurse is how I found out at my daugters school..but unfortunately by that time, about 30 other kids got it too. I think the best solution to try to prevent this is to regularly get the 1st period teachers to check heads...doesn't take that long, so why not!

    Great article, thanks! Glad its over with though.


  4. Oh my gosh! I have a question for you! Is it true that black people can not get lice? Some of my co workers were telling me that the other day and I didn't know for sure. I guess I could google it, but I am going to just ask you: My favorite medical professional!