Thursday, November 18, 2010

"I don't want to go to school, Mom."

I know we have all either said this to our parents or heard it from our kids over time. Up until this week, I had never once heard it from JBM. These words came out of his mouth on Monday morning and I was shocked! Fourth grade has been challenging. While the work load is not much different, the teacher is...... We went from warm and caring with lots of re-enforcement to aloof and no re-enforcement at all! The other night, I walked into JBM's room to check in while he was doing his homework and found him crying. Just rip my heart out on the spot!

So what do FlyBoy and I see as a result.....self-confidence is plummeting and the desire to do those things he loves outside of school (hockey and piano) are being self questioned as he thinks he no longer has time....excuse me? As a nine year old child, should JBM be soul searching the rest of his life and giving up what he loves? I don't think so.

School conferences are this week and somewhat to my relief, I am hearing similar things from other parents in the classroom. I guess I feel comfort in numbers and we have all decided we need to say something to both the teacher and the administration. Being a member of the school staff, I have to be careful what I say and how I say it. Hmmmm...maybe I need to leave that up to FlyBoy.

We all remember those one or two teachers we loved and hated for the rest of our lives. Guess JBM is starting his list....

As always, thanks for listening...I feel better now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

On Line Education

As I mentioned in my prior posting, I started an online class two days ago. Similar to college, I started the class with an assignment that was due for that class that had been posted one hour prior to the class.....HUH? As an adult, I have other things going on in my life and surprises like this are not always easy to manage.

So here is what I think of on-line education so far:

1. Students need a primer before the class starts on the teachers expectations.
2. How are we supposed to know what criteria to choose for posting and what our role is in the on-line application we are using (student was not one of the options)?
3. It is always comforting to know that you are not the most technically challenged in the class.
4. Nurses are technology challenged in general and like to complain about it to anyone who will listen!
5. I had the role of Help Desk geek during class the other night as I was one of two participants who had logged in ahead of time and palyed around with the application.
6. Attending class through a chat room is weird and un-natural.....but the reality of our life today.
7. I need a new computer could not handle a podcast, powerpoint presentation and a chat room all at the same time.....Santa, are you listening?!

Now I have homework to do that is due in three hours.....not going to happen.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A new first...

Hey all....I am back. Don't know how often but I could not stand the guilt I felt by looking at the date of my last post and the sideways pickles one more minute!

Anyhow, I am starting an online class tonight at a university in Seattle. I have never been to school on-line before nor have I ever attended a university in Seattle before. It is a review course of a national certification for school nurses. Several of my friends have asked me why I am taking the course and taking the four hour exam. Passing the exam does not earn me any more money or distinction. This is one of those things that I am doing just for me. Studying the ins and outs of school nursing will improve my skills and knowledge in many ways and that will make me a better care taker for the kids at school. Maybe some day the certification will also mean more money.....but until then, it is just for me!

Another new first, I have been asked to present at a national conference. I applied to be a trainer for Managing Asthma Triggers and was accepted! If the school district approves my attendance, I will be headed to Washington DC in January. Not the best time of year but I see this as a great opportunity to stretch my skills.

Finally, my boss is going away this weekend to New Orleans and has asked me to step in as her sub on an elementary school level. She has never asked me before. If she thinks she is grooming me to take her place.....NOT!

Now if I could just find the time to download some awesome pictures from my life in the past three months, I can get this whole blog thing started again.