Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good sports day......

In between school work and CMTs, JBM loves and plays sports....recess and team.

Yesterday was a good sports day in our recess JBM scored the only touchdown in the football game and won the game for his team. Hockey playoffs started last night....I normally do not go to the games but thought I should go to the playoffs. Did not arrive until the beginning of the second period but arrived just in time to see JBM score a break away goal! Yeah.

On a side note, FlyBoy has asked me not to come to any more games as I am a bit too enthusiastic with my hoo. However, I was the first one to notice that there were not enough kids on the ice for one of the shifts and my voice carried better than everyone else to get the coaches attention and JBM on the ice in time for an assist. The head coach thanked me later.

I guess living with a mother who is profoundly deaf has some benefits :0

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Woot, woot for JBM. Glad you got to see his goal before getting banned!!!

  2. Really it is great i am so impressive thanks