Thursday, September 22, 2011

Someone important....

Last week and again this week, JBM had a writing assignment where he was asked to write about someone important in his life. We started by making a long list of options....should I be concerned that I had to twist his arm to add his Mom and Dad. I was concerned that we were not obvious choices......
Anyhow, the list was narrowed down to three people...Grandpa, Cool J (Ellen's son) and our Colonel friend at West Point. The Colonel was the choice both times. When he was done with his pieces, the thing that impressed me the most was JBM's reasoning...."the Colonel is important to me because he lives his life to guarantee the freedom and safety of mine." For a child who hates to write this is a rather profound point....and very true.


  1. That boy is the best. Though, Cool John would have been my first choice!!!!