Wednesday, December 16, 2009

JBM takes Manhattan....(Part One)

One week ago today, FlyBoy, JBM and I ventured into NYC for some Christmas fun. It was after school, so there was no playing hookey (until the next day). In his 8 years of life, the poor, deprived child had never been to Manhattan. Perhaps the mother lion in me did not feel comfortable taking a smaller child to such a big place or relish the idea of pushing a stroller through the insane Christmas crowds. Whatever the reason, he had never been there.

Our evening started with a train trip. The whole evening could have ended right here (and saved us some money) as being on a train is always a thrill for JBM. It was a local and stopped everywhere it could with JBM announcing each stop as if we could not hear the conductor. You gotta love it!

Arriving in NYC, we strolled into the main concourse of Grand Central Station and I watched JBMs face. It was thrilling. I do not have any pictures of this moment since I knew I could not capture the real moment. Looked up at the ceiling at all the stars and constellations and then scanned the room. After the initial "wow," the next comment was "I remember in the movie Madagascar, Alex got hit in the head by the old lady on that staircase!"

We moved on to Park Avenue. By far my favorite street in Manhattan during the holidays. I love the white lights on all the trees and turning back towards Grand Central to enjoy the old building against the MetLife sky scraper. JBM thought it was pretty cool too.

We headed toward Fifth Avenue and entered St. Patrick's Cathedral. We talked about the saint statues inside and I challenged him to find the statue of St. Peter. I knew it was in the front and we would be required to make a full circle around the cathedral in order to find it. We had such a nice time talking about all the saints, lighting a few candles along the way and reflecting in front of the nativity. About half way through, JBM turned to me and said, "This place is amazing."

Flyboy and I just love experiencing those things we have become used to through FlyBoys eyes.....

Part two tomorrow with pictures...provided my camera, iPhone and computer all play well in the sandbox together!


  1. You could have named this post "Moppet takes Manhattan!"

  2. Bet he wants to go back for more!