Friday, December 11, 2009

Renegade Donut!

Sitting in my office yesterday and in walk two first grade students. One was having a birthday celebration and was handing out donuts to the class and other staff in the building. It is always nice to be kind of feel like one of the cool people.

Anyhow, as the students are coming in the door, I see the birthday child dive to the side to rescue the last donut that had fallen out of the box and onto the floor. She proceeded to put the donut in a napkin and place it on my desk! Thank goodness she did not wait for me to taste it. Mom tried not to laugh and the Nanny exclaimed, "A special gift, germs and all...."

While I do believe in the 5 second rule, I do not think it applies to the health office floor or the floor in a doctor's office. Guess it did not pay to be "cool" this time.

Happy Friday!


  1. Only in that town would it take a Mom and a nanny to help a six-year-old deliver a donut;)

  2. I firmly believe in the 5 second rule!