Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Bags and Counting

As of this weekend, we are 10 bags into the 40 bag total. This weekend, JBM and I focused on purging toys and other sporting equipment that he no longer needed, "its broken," "missing a part," or "just too old to play with any more." This last one was hard for me to accept.
All the wonderful trucks have been put in large storage bins and JBM looks forward to playing with them with his own children some day. Since nothing had lights or power, they are great toys that are ageless.
I have to say that JBM is a great decision maker and his playroom looks wonderful. We are down to a massive collection of City Legos and two boxes of Kinex. FlyBoy and I love to see what the creative juices produce.....currently, we have several military vehicles engaged in battle.
What a great feeling it is to simplify and purge. We have decided that when we get to 40 bags, we are going to make a monetary financial donation to a good cause. The discussion of what that cause is has already started....we ruled out "JBMs toy fund" and "new shoes for Nurse Nancy." Oh well!
Happy Monday!


  1. You can never have too many shoes. Just sayin'.

  2. Got sidetracked this weekend and didn't do any bags. Must get back to it!!