Monday, February 1, 2010

Wolf Moon 2010

Friday evening was a Wolf Moon - the moon was full, it appeared larger than normal and due to the clear weather in the Northeast (my home region of the country), I felt like I could reach out and put my hand in the craters. In addition, directly to the left of the moon was a pink star which JBM announced was not a star but the planet Mars. Mom stands corrected!

Despite the bitter cold weather....there were many trips to the back deck with cameras and many attempts to take photos....none as good as TSAnnie and the one at the top of this post was not one of them.

It was fun to try and the sight was beautiful....but it did keep me up for most of the night! I am one of those fortunate souls that is impacted by the full moon....and all the other thoughts racing through my head!

Happy Monday!