Friday, March 12, 2010

At one with Nature......

While waiting out our reservation for dinner at Epcot, we enjoyed the warm weather and the seating around a nearby fountain. Also enjoying the fountain was a mallard duck couple. What was most interesting to us was that they did not seem to be begging for food and were not the least bit concerned about the people around them. It was fun to addition, as we strolled through Epcot, Flyboy noticed a mature bald eagle flying above us. It could not have been more the 100 feet in the air. Too beautiful!


  1. Where's the bald eagle photo??? And I have never known a mallard not to beg for food...

  2. There is something about seeing a bald eagle in the wild, is there not? Cute ducks ;0)

  3. They are beautiful : )

    Even the ducks at Disney world are good : ) Not begging for food. Wow!