Monday, October 19, 2009

On the front lines.....

H1N1 is in the news more and more each day. I was pleasantly surpirsed this weekend to hear a story on our local news station about one state that is depending upon school nurses to keep the local and state governments informed about absences from school for "flu like" illnesses and confirmed cases of H1N1. Finally some recognition!

On the other hand, the CDC has decided that school nurses are NOT part of the health care workers who should be getting the H1N1 vaccine. Imagine, we spend our whole day caring for students of all ages with "flu like" symptoms but are not considered high risk for getting the actual disease? What floors me even more is that doctors and nurses who work in pediatric practices (I do that too) are not consdered high risk health care workers either! UGH......or as MPM would say GAH.....

Coming down off my soap box now....but one more thing, if we are being counted on to keep track of cases, are not immunized and get H1N1, who will be tracking things when we are home sick?


  1. Your health office aid, of course.

    I can't believe that pediatric nurses and docs are not considered "at risk" for H1N1. Obviously those guidelines were developed by someone who lives in a bubble. Or a man!

  2. Let the fun begin...GAH again!

  3. This hardly seems fair. You are on the very front lines!

  4. That is pure craziness! Who makes decisions like that? CRAZY!