Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

Each week JBM has a list of about 25 words that he needs to learn, spell and be able to write for a test on Friday morning. Each night he does spelling pages in his book and in the morning we have an oral quizz in the car. It is fun to be passing down the pneumonics I used when I was in school to remember how to spell certain words. His favorite so far is how I remembered to spell Connecticut.....our lovely home state....."you 'Connect' 'I' 'cut.' When doing writing assignments, it is fun to hear JBM spelling things out in his head (outloud of course).

Guess we parents do have some gems to pass on to our children.

Can you also conclude who does not listen to me at home? In reality, the answer is NO ONE...except the dog and that is questionable at best since she is 12 and hard of hearing :(


  1. I loved that! Mississippi was my favorite...M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-I ;)

  2. What? You live with 2 humans of the male persuasion...and there was ever a thought in your mind that they are capable of listening to humans of the female persuasion???

  3. My daughter is learning allegiance right now. The only thing I can think of to help her is all-e-gi-ance (pronounced Alley Giants)

    ;0) As you can see, it is not working out so well!

  4. You connect I cut! BRILLIANT! No one ever taught me that little diddy! Of course, they might have been thinking I should learn to spell Pennsylvania before they went on to other states! Who knows. Kaish had spelling words last year and not this year. I miss them. I like spelling! : )