Friday, October 30, 2009

Space Geeks!

JBM has an opportunity to share some of his love of space with his classmates. During academic choice (what exactly is that?), he has been reading books about Mars and the Mars Rovers and wants to share his new found knowledge with his class.

We have agreed upon what will be shared and have been chatting about how. I was hoping for the simple approach of a story board with facts he wrote himself and photos cut out from maagazines and front internet stories. How gauche of me! My two space geeks (JBM and Flyboy)have decided that this project requires technology.......Power Point, links to the NASA web site using the SmartBoard in the classroom.

Alas, I guess the days of dioramas and stick figures have gone by the wayside. And at some point, I will be overpowered by geeks or I might have to become one in order to survive in my house!

Will let you know how the presentation goes....Power Point in the third grade...oh my.


  1. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - in your case, the apple is still attached. Apparently the geek gene does not skip a generation!

  2. He's either going to be an astronaut or a weatherman. Either way, I'm gonna say "I know that guy!"

  3. children learned it then, too. And then they tried to teach me. Tried being the operative word here.

  4. Oh my :) Look how brilliant those boys of yours are : ) Love it! Love it! Love it! : ) We still use popsicle sticks at our house.