Friday, November 6, 2009

The Day has arrived!

Remember in March when I committed myself to training for the Outer Banks Half Marathon....and in May when I actually signed up for it? Well, the weekend has arrived and I should be running the half marathon. To make a long story short....during my "months" of training, I tore a meniscus and discovered I have a cyst on my knee. Surgery? Cortisone shots? Anti-inflammatories? Nothing? I did anti-inflammatories for two weeks and did not run during that time. It worked but set me back big time.....then life, school, piano lessons, hockey practice, hockey games, family and two jobs took care of the rest. I have not run or even donned my running shoes in two weeks....... Did I give up? No. Instead of 13 miles, I am running an 8K (5.1 miles). Instead of running with friends, I am running with FlyBoy. All in all, it should be fun and the weather is predicted to be ideal. Good family time and Ellen is coming too which is an added bonus.

Will let you know on Tuesday how much we ran and how much we walked but we will finish! And I am sure we will have some pictures to share.