Sunday, November 29, 2009

How we spent our Thanksgiving Day?

With a very ill JBM. Woke at 2 AM on Thanksgiving day with a fever of 103, cough and eyes that looked like pools of glass. My thoughts? The flu! Went to work that morning, brought home a quick flu test and I was right.

He spent his day on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, feeling really awful and wavering between 101 and 103 despite Motrin every 6 hours. Could not keep food or liquids down...poor guy on the best food day of the year.

FlyBoy stayed home with him and I went to dinner at Bro's house. Brought dinner home for my guys. Both ate and JBM gave it all back to me within 30 minutes. Poor guy.

Next day, went to the doctor and confirmed the flu with pneumonia on top! It is amazing how quickly this H1N1 can settle into the chest.

Good news is that after a weekend of antibiotics, Tamiflu and nebulizer treatments he is ready to go back to school. I am glad the illness was short lived.


  1. Awww...what a lousy way to spend Turkey Day.
    That H1N1 vac. he got worked really really well!
    Glad WB (that would be Weather Boy, AKA JBM) is all better.
    And that ~present~ he gave you? A priceless joy of motherhood! ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear that JBM was sick, but glad he's better. The boy across the street wound up in Children's Hosp in Phila after he reacted to the shot then got H1N1 - was on a ventilator and they almost lost him. What a serious virus.

  3. It is just crazy, isn't it! I couldn't believe how terrible it was when it was going thru our house. Seriously terrible!