Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Great Time

In addition to my adventure with FlyBoy this weekend, we had such a great time being away. Everyone was so relaxed and the weather was just spectacular. Ellen and I often refer to our families as family and that is so very true. We are so at ease with each other that there is no entertaining involved. It is just hanging out, relaxing, shopping and eating.....and a little wine. Who could ask for more. And to top it all off, my cousin and his wife were down at their house at the same time! We did not expect that and it was so much fun to hook up with them and have dinner at one of our favorite places on the OBX. Ocean Boulevard is just fabulous and we love going there. For the first time, JBM was able to dine there with us and not complain about having nothing he liked on the menu. We are turning a new corner. If you are ever on the OBX, please check them out. It is well worth every penny...... Check out the web site and menu at


  1. Family comes in all different forms...all wonderful! Your meals sounded like they were truly over the top! My mouth watered!

  2. JBM liked it because this time they had ketchup!

    Thanks for such a fun weekend.