Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vegetable Choices

As promised, we have cooked and consummed our first harvest. Normally, I would assist in making the choices of seeds but this year, JBM decided he would buy them himself with FlyBoy. The results....about half way through consumming the sugar snap peas, JBM asked me if he needed to finish them. Of course, I said yes......and waited for the second half of the conversation...... "Mom, you know I love peas...but I don't love these." Oh well, we learn as we go. Moral of the story, next year, I will be present for the purchase of the seeds....and we will stick with frozen peas for now.


  1. LOL...I am partial to the canned LeSeur ones myself;)

  2. I am a Middle School Nurse in Massachusetts, taking a website investigation class. We are learning about blogs. So I did a Google blogsearch for school nurse and happened upon your site. I too am a Mom and avid gardener. I harvested my peas two weeks children said "stick with the frozen ones Mom", but it was fun to grow them. Here they hearald the start of spring and die back when summer arrives. this reminds me it is time to settle into summer and read a great book. 94 degrees and humid here today. look forward to following along with your postings as a school nurse and the rest.

  3. I wish we would have planted a garden this year. Maybe next year.