Tuesday, January 19, 2010

40 Bags in 40 Days

Ellen put an interesting concept on her blog last week. We chatted about it the next day and I decided to be in her court. I do not have time to do 40 bags in 40 days but am making the same commitment she is which is 40 bags by Summer. The photo above is the start.

Having a rare weekend with no commitments, I started cleaning. The four garbage bags are the result of a kitchen cleaning. In addition, I filled two bags with canned goods. One for church and one for school (collecting canned goods for the needy). I sent a box of unwanted kitchen items to the Senior Center for their next tag sale, the first of many bags of clothing to Goodwill, and another bag of outgrown toys to JBM's piano teacher. She has two boys and they love JBM's cast offs and he loves passing them on.

This feels good.

On a side note, JBM and FlyBoy ventured to Long Island yesterday for an Islanders/Devils game. The Devils lost and JBM cried. The passion for sports runs deep.


  1. Cleaned out 4 drawers - 2 bags of garbage! YIPPEE!

  2. isn't it fun to see the bags go out the door?

  3. Y'all are putting me to shame. But it's my birthday week. I don't havta do anything I don't want to do;)

  4. I love this idea! I must do that myself. Thanks for inspiring me!