Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sports Injury...

FlyBoy is the assistant coach for JBM's hockey team. This means that he is on the ice twice a week for practice and for a game. Last week, FlyBoy was moving away from a player to avoid hitting him and said player moved in the same direction. The resulting event was the two collided! FlyBoy took the worse of the event, fell straight back and clocked his head on the ice. Thank goodness for helmets.....however, we are convinced that he did suffer a slight concussion. He had a headache for two days, has been more sleepy than usual and is having difficulty attending to activities (like driving)! After much prodding and discussion, he will see the doctor and we will go on from there.

We had gone more than a year without any kind of sports injury..... I guess being a good parent involves a few bruises along the way :)


  1. Oh no! Poor thing. You are so right though! Injuries go along with the boy territory, right? : )

  2. Ouch! How can you tell that is a slight concussion? My husband acts like that all the time;)

  3. I visualized it in my head as I read it...Ouch! Bang!
    Take care of him!

  4. Ouch. How's he doing? I hope it's not a ploy to get us to carry his luggage at the airport!!!!