Monday, January 25, 2010

They survived!

As you can see from this photo...a good time was had by all. This is at the end of day two in one of FlyBoy's favorite places, The Hatchery in Ludlow, VT.

Two days of skiing....JBM found kids to hang with at the lodge....and a nice steak dinner. What could be better?!

FlyBoy"s observations of the weekend......"JBM is me all the way." A proud Papa and a bit scared at the thought.

When I asked JBM who he missed the most being away from home? I was fourth on the list. Guess I better get used to it. The list was this.....Hope (the dog), Doggie (favorite friend that he decided to leave home), Bear (second favorite friend that he left home) and Mom.

Happy Monday!

p.s. Bag update on the 40 in 40.....2 this weekend. One was garbage as I sorted through a file of recipes I hoped to make some day and got rid of those that are unlikely and also started cleaning out my personal file cabinet. Second bag/box, recipe books that I have not touched or used in over five years.


  1. Bring the books in to the staff lounge - they'll be gobbled up!
    That's just the BEST photo!

  2. So glad the boys had fun skiing. JBM looks so cute with his rosy cheeks.

    Glad your purge is going well. Doesn't it feel good to see those bags go out the door?

  3. Wow! He looks so grown up all of a sudden....sigh.

  4. I can still see the cold weather glow on his cheeks!