Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just returning from the December Break (cannot call it Christmas break as we must be politically correct), I am reflecting on our vacation. After the craziness of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we retreated to the serenity of the Outer Banks of NC. It is my favorite time of year to at the beach. The crowds are gone, most of the souvenier shops are closed and we are left with the elegant restaurants and businesses that are open year round. The biggest disappointment this year....my favorite coffee shop was closed. In the 12 years we have been going to the Outer Banks....this shop has never been closed. What am I going to do? I placed an order on line for the best coffee ever but have not gotten a response yet....this may be the worst crisis of my life so far this year! (and I hope the only one)

On another note....I admitted to TSAnnie this morning that I did not take a single photo! Does that make me a bad Mom, sister, daughter, spouse....if so, oh well!


  1. That no photo thingy? Just makes you a mom - and a good one at that!

  2. I think it makes you normal;) Gah! No coffee?

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  4. Oh no! I am sorry about your coffee shop! So glad you had a wonderful time! : ) in the Outer Banks. I hope the coffee is your worst problem of the year? No pictures? : ) Well, I guess that would work for some people : )