Monday, July 6, 2009

The best ot times.....

...........with the best of friends.

So we spent our long 4th weekend with Ellen and her boys. It was truly the best of times with the best of friends.

Spent lots of time in the pool and in the sun (finally) and JBM is now tanned and toned and looking a bit pruney. He slept like a log and woke up willingly and happy....all good things when you are not a morning person.

Our morning in Ridgefield Park on the 4th was lovely as always and JBM had the opportunity to show it to someone else (Ellen's wonderful husband) and took advantage of his expereince as a fireman to ask lots of questions about fire trucks. Pictures will follow later this week.

Ellen's spawn made a great chef and fire pit manager so that we had burgers, hot dogs and smores. Very American.......

Baseball game was great.....long game and the team that JBM was rooting for lost....but great time anyway....two outs in the bottom of the 9th and a count of 0-2 and the home team hit a two run homer to tie the score. Game went 14 innings but we gave up in the top of the 13th....guess 4 hours of baseball is about all I can take.

Who could ask for anything more? Certainly not me. Thanks for a great time friends. And thanks to our troops for providing the freedom and safety that allowed us to have such a great time.

One other note....had our first cherry tomatoes from the garden GOOD!


  1. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend too. Thanks for coming down!

  2. Fun times! Already have tomatoes???!!!

  3. Are times like these just wonderful?

    And congrats on you very first harvest!