Monday, July 13, 2009


Sometimes (all the time), I wonder what goes through little minds as they watch us all around them trying to stay in line with life. Just this weekend, I had this experience.......

Friday is grocery shopping day and JBM and I usually go together. This week, we had a somewhat larger order due to a gathering planned for Saturday afternoon. The end of the season party for JBM's baseball team. During our shopping adventure, JBM asked if he could have a yogurt that came with a "special stick" for freezing. I said that it would have to wait 'til this week for a number of reasons...including our larger than normal order. He stood and watched as the groceries were rung up and was astounded at the cost of the order. I was not except for the fact that for $154, I did not buy anything for the coming week's meals. But that is for a different day......

The next morning, I was getting ready to go off to work (part time job) and JBM handed me one of his favorite stuffed animals and told me to keep it. I explained that I was going to work and could not take it with me. He asked that I take it in the car for "comfort." I thought this interesting since I did not think I needed comfort.

This encounter perplexed me for the entire day until Flyboy shared with me that JBM felt I needed comfort because of the cost of the grocery bill the day before and that I was making a big sacrifice going to work so we could have his party.... :)

Do you think this will last through the teenage years? I can only hope so.

Happy Monday.


  1. You know, that just doesn't surprise me. What a kid!

  2. That is so sweet it makes me want to cry.

  3. OMG! Such sweetness...melts my heart.

    Your goodie is on the way!