Thursday, July 9, 2009

Honesty and Disappointment

Today is Thursday and this was supposed to be a very exciting day in our house. Flyboy was offered a "night at the ballpark" from one of his vendors. The event, a Mets game against the Dodgers, and the ballpark was Citi Field. We have not been there yet as the ticket prices are ridiculous and my lowly Mets are not playing very well of late. But, back to the story........

This is my evening to work and JBM was going to go to the game with Flyboy. As the week progressed, Flyboy recieved his e-tickets and realized that the face value of each ticket was $150. Since he is a man of integrity and total honesty, he decided to inquire with the corporate legal department if there was an issue in his accepting these tickets. Turns out, you guessed it, there was. So as to not appear to be "under the influence" of the vendor, Flyboy turned down the tickets.

Since we had already told JBM that he was going to the game, Flyboy was now faced with having to tell him that the plans had changed. We discussed all kinds of options including buying the two tickets...but again, expensive and are the Mets worth paying to see right now? NOT.

With a heavy heart and tears in his eyes (I love this about my guy), he told JBM the news. My little man, took it like a man and after a moment to absorb it, reached out, hugged his dad and said, "That's OK Dad. I understand."

Wiping tears from my eyes as I write this....another proud moment in my parenting life.


  1. He's the man! So sorry for JBM (and FB for that matter), but as usual, Fly Boy did the right thing.

  2. The Right Thing is so hard to do sometimes.

  3. Awww...sweet kid! Children understand more than you know.

    In my early days of my career, I was once offered tickets to the Master's tournament. I turned them down because I did not want to have any special ties with that vendor. Turns out, I find that my boss spent $70,000 to take a customer to the Super Bowl. From then on, I accepted the token lunches and Christmas baskets without remorse.

  4. Wow. That is so good that your husband did that. I don't know if I would have. I hope the ticket prices go down soon so you can go to a game!

  5. That kid! Love his little brain. So very right there. You have a LOT to be very proud of.