Monday, July 20, 2009

A few days off....

I am taking a few days off from blogging.....I am not working this week until Friday. In the meantime, JBM, Hope and I will be paying a visit to Ellen and her clan. We are headed into Philly to the Fanklin (or the Franklinstein) Institute to see the Galilea exhibit. I am not sure which JBM is looking forward to more....the train ride or the exhibit.

Catch you on the flip side with some pics and stories I am sure.......


  1. Hi Jane,
    Enjoy the few days to yourself. Did you receive a little something in the mail?

    d e b

  2. Have a wonderful time! I love me some Ben!

  3. Hey there my friend - I've been neglectful and will be calling you tomorrow. It's been a crazy few weeks. Give JMB a big hug for me, wouldja??