Friday, July 10, 2009

Can your dog do this?

When we arrived at the baseball game on the 4th, I noticed two beautiful golden retrievers on the field. My first question to Ellen was, what are those dogs doing? Her answer.....they retrieve the bats and balls during batting practice and then they retrieve the bats between batters during the game. Yeah right, I thought to myself and maybe outloud. I had never heard such a thing in my life. The game started and I watched in amazement....and laughed at the sight.

The only confusion came at the end of one inning when the pitcher left the ball on the pitching mound. The dog who came out to retrieve the bat could not decide if the bat or the ball was more important. The trainer then had to catch the dog.....

JBM has been trying in earnest since we got home to get Hope to fetch his hockey stick. Just not happening :)

Note: Sorry the pictures are so far away...the zoom on my camera only goes so far. I think you get the idea.


  1. I've been trying to teach Dora to mix a martini. No luck here either....

  2. Never heard of this before but wow...a great job for a dog!!

  3. Just tell JBM that practice practice practice....doesn't alway result in a cooperative dog. (sigh)