Monday, June 1, 2009

Christmas in May

After a year of searching, bargaining and contemplating the decision, Christmas has come early to our home. Jr. Birdman has been taking piano lessons for two years and has come a very long way using an electronic keyboard. Over the past six months, it has become very clear that he needed we purchased a piano. When the search began, I never considered that a piano is more than just an is a significant piece of furniture being added to our home. A piece of furniture we did not plan for.....a piece of furniture we have no room for....a piece of furniture that comes with cannot be placed against a heating element. We have baseboard heat in our home and there is only one wall in the house that the piano will fit against! That wall happens to house my favorite piece in the whole house and I have nowhere to move it. After much deliberation and negotiation, the piano was delivered and resides in the living room. Not the best location but it works and the sound is magnificent.

The biggest part of the negotiation......where is the Christmas tree going to go this year. Our tree is 9 feet tall so it is somewhat limiting as well....we will worry about that in November :)
p.s. The scarf on his head is from a Field Trip that included a visit to a sushi restaurant. We are trying to have him say sushi chef five times fast....give it a try. It is impossible.


  1. I was going to say--is he a ninja pianist? Love it!

  2. Well, you can always leave off the bottom half of the Christmas tree...

    I just love that ninja scarf!

  3. Thought maybe his interest went from Star Wars to Ninja Turtles.

    Congrats on your "new addition."

  4. I love this picture! And I will start thinking of a spot for the tree with you!