Monday, June 29, 2009


JBM finished his 2009 Little League Season last week. The last game was Thursday evening and JBMs Reds were on the loosing side of the semifinal game. They lost to the Mets (at least one Mets team is capable of winning a game).

The boys handled everything very well and stayed in the game until the very end. JBM had a great play from second to first. I held my breath...and he went two for three at the plate. All in all, not a bad showing.

The championship game was Saturday morning and the Mets won. We were all happy about that since it is easier to loose to the champions.

Two weeks without sports and then camps galore.......


  1. It seems like we always had those season-enders, too;) Good for JBM!

  2. Way to go JBM - we're so proud of you.

  3. He did wonderful : ). Isn't it nice to have a little down time? We haven't had any summer down time yet because of vacation. This week is wonderful. Nothing crazy on the schedule. LOVE that.