Thursday, June 11, 2009


I had the dramatic performance of the year on our lovely office the other day. One of the K students who finds her way here almost every day, opened the door and came across the floor dragging her left leg along as if it was being held on by a thread. When she arrived at my desk, she said, "I hurt my leg at home yesterday and it still really hurting." We had a wonderful discussion about how she needs to think about when and why to come to the nurse. I demonstrated for her what she should have said when she arrived WITHOUT the drama..."I hurt my leg at home yesterday and it still hurts, can I have some ice please?"

Once she got the ice bag, she held my hand to the door, said thanks for the ice and as she walked away she said....."I am going to miss you." Do you think that means she is not coming back at all for the next seven days or the next 12 hours?


  1. That is the cutest little girl! I'm gonna miss her too!

  2. Obviously she doesn't get much attention at home. She lucky to have you to "nurse" her back to health.