Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bug Bites!

The final phase of the school year has begun....only 12 days left until summer vacation (but whose counting)! With this time of year, come the bug bites.....I think that our fine town grows the biggest mosquitos in the whole world and they are voracious. We use lot of Rhuligel this time of year and hear lots of ouches (since it is made mostly of alcohol). Works like a charm to get the itch out and we don't get any repeat visits! Maybe I should change my name to Nurse Ratchet....and this should be my new torture tool.


  1. Anything to get those rug-rats not to come back to the Health Office. ANYTHING! I'm just sayin'!

  2. Annie! Be nice;) And bring me some of that Rhuligel, please. Surely I've paid enough property taxes there to warrant a little bit;)

  3. We have 12 days also. 2 half days : ). Kaish is DYING to be done. Dying I tell you!