Monday, June 8, 2009


As is common this time of year, many activities overlap. This weekend we had a piano recital and a baseball game which we thought were at the same time.....but Mom did not do a good job at reading the schedules without her glasses and got the times wrong! At first, we thought Jr. Birdman would have to choose between the two activities. Those of you that know our family well might assume that the athletic even won out.... Well, you would be wrong. Jr. Birdman chose the recital over baseball. The reason? "I have plenty more games to play Mom but we only have a few recitals a year." Good logic.
As it turned out, the game was in the morning and the recital in the afternoon. Nonnie was able to come the recital becuase it was held in a local Steinway Gallery and was handicap accessible. The kids played on a grand piano (which cost more than the new car we purchased last summer).
A good time was had by all.....including the dinner and ice cream with Nonnie afterwards! Thanks fo dinner Nonnie!

On a side note, with the addition of a piano in his life, Jr. Birdman has decided to try his hand at writing his own music. He has composed two pieces so far and played them for his teacher. They are recording them on his "tape" this week and she is going to incorporate how to write music in his lessons over the summer. Maybe we have the next Billy Joel in our midst.

On another side note, I had pictures to go along with this post but came to work with my camera but NOT the USB port to allow me to download the pics....guess I know what the subject of tomorrow's blog will be. Happy Monday!


  1. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    Great job JBM.

  2. It's wonderful that JBM hasn't lost interest - can't wait to hear his songs!

  3. I can't wait to see the pics! What a busy boy;)

  4. I love Nonnie : ). How sweet. Grandmas are the BEST! And I am SO glad that he would have picked the recital. I think that is cool!