Wednesday, June 17, 2009


No JBM did not get a tattoo and as long as I have control over him, he will not get one. So enough parental commentary and now to the real reason for this blog.

As you well know from my saga, yesterday was Field Day...finally and thank God! It was a great day. A bit nippy but we did not have to worry about heat exhaustion and the kids still managed to drench each other with the various water games. One of the stations featured a tattoo for all....most got the tattoo on the middle of their foreheads. As you can see from JBM below.

He managed to shower and wash his hair last night and save the tattoo all at the same time. Funny how that happens. FlyBoy questioned his washing techniques but it does not matter to is all in fun afterall.

Three days to go........


  1. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Wow another school year. Pretty soon you'll blink and he'll be getting ready to be a college junior! Gah!!!

  2. I love his smile : ). He looks so happy and so proud of himself : ) I hope Kaish never gets one either.