Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As promised, here are a few pictures from our weekend. First the recital......

JBM playing his most complex piece. Sorry that I am so far away but I have to believe that flashing lights in your eyes while playing would be a big distraction.

This is the whole group that played....JBM takes lessons right before the boy in the striped shirt and they both play baseball and hockey. They also performed together in the Young Musicians Festival this year. They enjoy each other's company.

JBM and his Nonnie.....the piano behind them cost $74,000. Nonnie had a hard time with that concept....me too!

On to Sunday and hockey...JBM is in the white helmet. He is wating for a pass...took the picture right before he scored a goal and at the same time the battery died on my camera....as MPM would say, GAH!

The busy weekend took its toll last night, JBM had a baseball game. Flyboy looked totally dejected when I got home from work last night. Comment from both parties...."we had an off game today....everyone was off and it was pure torture!" Oh well, not activities until Saturday so plenty of time to catch up on sleep etc.

Guess what, it is raining here today....what a surprise. Happy Tuesday.


  1. A $74,000 piano! WOW! WOW! He looks adorable : ). My Mom always wanted one of her kids to play the piano. We all took lessons and gave it up after 3 years. I am glad your son enjoys it!

  2. Way to go JBM. Great job. Love the picture with Nonnie.

  3. Too adorable! And, GAH about your battery!

  4. Sweet sweet memories are made of these (channeling Dean Martin). My mom always has two batteries with her...maybe we should embrace that philosophy.