Friday, April 3, 2009

Adventures with Charlie

So, this is how my day as a school nurse started on April Fool's Day. Almost every morning, my colleague, TS Annie and I can count on a flurry of visits to our office between 7:45 and 8:15 AM. School starts at 8:00 AM.

The other day we were graced with one of our classic drama kings. Brought to us by a paraprofessional who shared the message..."his Mom would like him to lay down with a warm pack and will come to pick him up in an hour if his stomach does not feel better." PLEASE! In the background is Charlie with a smile on his face, quickly replaced by a pained look when I caught his eye. No fever or anything he layed down with a warm pack for a few minutes and spent the entire time talking! If I felt the way he wanted us to believe, I would be incapable of coherent conversation. After 10 minutes, I said "time to go to class....I bet you will forget how you feel once you start you day." He walked out looking pained.....we expected to see him back at 9:15 (the bewitching hour his Mom promised she would return if he did not get better). Not to disappoint us...he showed up at 9:16! And, he went home.....

I feel sorry for my Jr Birdman becuase he has to be really sick to get my attention.....thankfully, that does not happen very often.

Did you visit the school nurse when you were in school? I never did!


  1. I feel sorry for Charlie's future wife.

  2. If I felt that my child was that sick that he had to start the day in the nurse's office, I would have kept him home! Sounds like one of your "frequent fliers!"

    Spawn was never one to visit the nurse, except to stick his head in the office and say "hi" to Sr. Carol, the nurse. He didn't want to stay home even with strep and the required 24 hours on an antibiotic before he could go back.

  3. I don't even know if there WAS a school nurse back in the dark ages of my elementary years.

    Ya know, there are some kids that are just annoying - and he's one of them.