Monday, April 20, 2009

Dad Time

As this post appears, Fly Boy is on his way to San Francisco for the week. Lucky him, a week of vacation and then a week away on business. He will explore some of his favorite spots in SF between meetings including the Napa Valley Winery Exchange. We should expect a large box next week and our wine cellar (racks in the basement) will be well stocked....

Anyhow, in anticipation of his departure, Jr. Birdman spent every waking second with Fly Boy this weekend... He worked his little fingers to the bone (washing cars, polishing cars, and changing oil) but loved every moment of it because it meant being with Dad.

We miss you Dad and love you lots and cannot wait for your safe return......


  1. That is so sweet....and did somebody say wine?

  2. We should go there next year on our girlfriends' weekend. Or at least to some place with wineries.

    Hope FB has a good trip.

  3. The best times...fleeting though they are.
    Now I'm going to go cry.