Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Spring has finally sprung in our yard. The two favorite trees in our yard are the star magnolia bushes. Arrving home from vacation, we found them in full bloom. And we have been enjoying them every day despite the poor weather this week.

Spring is also a time of renewal and new beginnings. For me the renewal is embarking on a new fitness adventure. I have a goal for this year and next year. This year, the goal is to run a half marathon in November. Next year, the full marathon to celebrate moving into the next decade of my life. I have never run in any competition or a long distance. I know nothing about it and am giving myself 5 months to train....can I do it? We shall see.....
More I insane?


  1. Insane. But then it takes one to know one.

    Good luck with the training. Maybe you and Lauren can run together.

  2. like run to the nearest bottle of chardonnay and see who gets there first :)

  3. That would be a "yes"! (Run a marathon for me, will ya?)