Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CCD Ends!

I am always so thankful when CCD ends for the year. Today is the last day and Jr. Flyboy and I are both happy to have an extra hour in our lives on Tuesday. This has been a nice year as his teacher is a good friend of mine and one of his buddies is in his class. I had the added pleasure of watching my friends three year old daughter during class. This gave me a "girl fix" and totally cured me from ever wanting another child! It is nice to have our time together but the drama and whining I could do without. I know it can happen with boys too.....but it has not happened with mine so I am lucky.

Next year is First Communion....a whole new adventure.


  1. More free time is never ever a bad thing!

  2. The happiest person when CCD is over is the director - trust me, been there, done that!

    Enjoy that extra hour each week.