Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garbage Day

Wednesday is trash and recycling day on the OBX. From the time that Jr. Birdman was old enough to speak, it has been all about trucks and the garbage man. As always, today we could go no where until the garbage and recycling man had come by with their robotic armed vehicle and appropriately disposed and compacted our trash. Nice to be environmentally aware at such a young off for an adventure.

p.s. Pardon the unmade bed...this is vacation after all!


  1. An unmade bed is the ultimate expression of a vacation. Jr. Birdman is just too cute;)

  2. Great shot. It is so like that boy to want to watch for the trucks.

    Ask Jr. B to make a list of the state quarters he needs. I just gathered my extras together and I'll put aside any that he needs.

  3. Can you believe our break is nearly over?? I'm on a bus heading for DC - in lower Jersey somewhere. Can't BELIEVE how much greener it is here. Uh-oh...looks like a major traffic jam ahead.