Friday, April 17, 2009

Like Father Like Son

As my buddy Ellen would say, "Geek alert!"
The other evening, we ventured into the world of telescopes. A gift from the jolly man in the red suit from Christmas, we had not had time to truly explore and understand what this wonderful machine could do. So on a clear night, in a location where the stars are better than any I have ever seen, my two guys tackled the lenses, spotting scopes and all other things....took the microscope outside and searched for the stars. After about 30 minutes of comings and goings....the resulting comments was this..."really cool Mom but everything looks upside down." Turned out that one critical extension eye piece had been neglected...but good fun was had by all. And, "Dad did not even say crap once!"
For those who do not know, my Fly Guy does not swear but we know when life is bad because the dog comes running for cover and we hear the word "Crap" alot!

Happy Friday!


  1. Let me guess, assembly sans directions perhaps? That would be my guys.

    Now, how could they possibley star search with a "microscope?" Perhaps you posted this before that first full cup of Carolina Blue blend?

  2. Or I could learn how to spell possibly!!!!!! My excuse - I'm drinking decaf!

  3. A mild word considering what is usually said at my abode during trying times. It'll be good to see ya tomorrow. Though I must say vaca. was WAY too short!