Friday, April 24, 2009

Definition of Old?

The mind of an elementary school student is always fun and often exhausting to try and understand. We were treated to two kindergartners coming to visit today with lovely cupcakes! In their attempt to share them with us, one dropped on the floor. Oh five second rule in the Health Office riddled with germs. So, I needed to cut the remaining one in half so that they would have a treat for the PE teacher.

On a side note, TSAnnie was kind enough to share the remaining half with me (I ate the whole thing and did not record the points - frosting has zero points after all).

At the same time this was taking place, we had a group of fifth graders watching a video about scoliosis screening. Very stressful for them. These two K students went over to check out the activities and one turned to the other and said, "those are old people watching that, it is not for us." OLD! If they think a 10 year old is old, they must think I am petrified and have been around since before the dinosaurs!!!!! SIGH :(

Happy Friday - Fly boy comes home tonight and Jr. Birdman and I cannot wait. Hope will be happy too, I think she is really tired of taking care of both of us!


  1. Old? They want old? I'll show them *&^&^ old! Oh, sorry. Sugar level must be low....Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yesterday was quite the day...and if you've been around since the dinosaurs, I've been here before there WAS a here!

  3. Glad you nixed the five second rule - that would be a petrie dish nightmare!

    I hope Jr. B gets a good stash of quarters from dad.

  4. Oh NO! 10 year olds are old. I don't like the sound of this at all. Oh, no, I don't.