Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Plans.....

I did what I said I would do this weekend and did not go anywhere near the computer....mostly because we switched ISPs last week and Fly Boy was still getting all the kinks out....but boy did it feel good..... What did I do instead? Transplanted and split plants in the perennial garden, read a book and caught some rays, in between working at the doctor's office which was nuts. Also had time to run (felt good), cook (which I love more than anything) and have some nice conversation with my boys (what could be better).

In the "go figure" department, I had a small cook out with some family on Sunday.....being the planning maven that I am, I had all the salads made, burgers made and the baked beans heating in the oven before anyone arrived. Just needed to fire up the grill. Had planned all day to have our first outdoor meal of the season.....Mother Nature thought differently.....a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm took care of that and the power too! We survived the storm, ate inside by candlelight and the power was back in time for coffee and dessert.....and a fun time was had by all.

OK enough rambling.....have to get to work now.


  1. I am glad the storm didn't materialize! Now I want some cole slaw. gah

  2. So much for a quiet weekend!

    Don't forget to send me your new e-mail address.

  3. You have a new email address???

    Sounds pretty much like a perfect weekend, all things considered.