Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boy or Girl?

It is that wonderful time of year when we start recieving paperwork on incoming K students for next year. Annie and I love being inundated with paperwork...RIGHT! Anyhow, it is always interesting to see how many multiples we are getting, how many new siblings are coming and the names of the children. The most interesting one so far is Jasper. Since we have not recieved all the required paperwork yet, nothing we have tell us whether this is the name of a boy or girl.

Any thoughts? Annie is thinking boy and I a clueless......


  1. I still think boy...but Charlie is also coming to school and I know that one's a girl.

  2. I say boy - probably named after a character on General Hospital.

  3. Definitely a boy! I have had some clients with the CRAZIEST names in Philadelphia. SO so crazy!