Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it safe?

Everyone I know if on my case about not have a FaceBook page and I keep thinking about it and not acting on it....anyhow, FlyBoy reviews and monitors "spam" activity for his company and they recently did a test last week to see how secure the social sites are.....guess what, they are not!

One of his colleagues created multiple facebook pages with made up information on different people, names etc. Then another colleague created a business entity and queried personal information for his business......everyone on of the "made up" people from FaceBook came back in the query with all of their personal information and many other FaceBook souls came back too. I was lectured reapeatedly all weekend about why I should NEVER create a FaceBook page.

Is this a case where ignorance is bliss?!


  1. It may not be safe, but the one thing I do know is that it is a HUGE time waster;)

  2. I have one : ). I don't put anything on there that I don't want anyone to know : ). I think they are more fun if you have tons of time and can just lounge around the computer all day.... Oh, sort of like what I do when I blog : ).