Thursday, May 14, 2009

Got Dirt?

Here sits the beautiful raised garden bed that Fly Boy and Jr. Birdman built while I was enjoying girls weekend. Prior to beginning the project, Fly Boy called our friendly driveway guy who is also a landscaper and arranged for the delivery of 2 yards of top soil/compost.....that was supposed to happen a week ago. Do you see it? I don't. A few phone calls and messages have been left and no calls back. Is that customer service?

The peas and beans are ready. We have a few basil and parsley plants and the tomatoes cages have arrived.....guess we will be spending the weekend hauling bags of top soil and peat moss and loading it ourselves.....if the landscaper disappeared do you think they would come looking for him here? :)
By the way, the matter that is in the bottom at the moment are the flowers I received last week. Jr. Birdman tells me they make great compost and insisted we place them at the bottom of the garden bed.......


  1. Most landscapers are not, unfortunately, business-minded. And you know what I say? gah

  2. I think the main emotion of gardening is FRUSTRATION!

    That JB is going to be a master recycler by the time he grows up!

  3. Try a local gardening shop - they are usually good about delivery and are competitively priced. And a little easier on the back!

  4. It is going to be beautiful : ). I can see the potential : ).