Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls Weekend Revisited......

And what a great time we had.....from the moment we arrived until we parted company we never lacked for laughs and conversation. So I will try to chronicle the events of the weekend in pictures and comments and you can live vicariously through me....and Ellen.

Destination -

Hotel - The Days Inn on the Boardwalk. Right on the boardwalk. Here is a picture of the hotel from the boardwalk.

Our room - The first thought we had upon entering was that Hawaii flew in, threw up all over the room and left! The second observation we made, most other hotels along the boardwalk had the same set up....Ellen's comment was there must have been a great Buy 1 Get 4,999 free!

The Boardwalk - 2 1/4 miles in length. We walked the length each morning and I thought that was a good start to my training efforts. Great coffee shop next door.....have never (and I mean never) had a better latte in my life! And some fun people watching. Here are some interesting shots of our Saturday morning coffee clatch...who would have expected two marching bands to come by :)

Later in the week, will share stories of our side trips and souvenier of the weekend.


  1. Those bands were there for you guys....

  2. Oh, and I crammed it in to one post. You're much more clever than I!

  3. Yes, Hawaii apparently did throw up in your room. It is rather cheery, though. Nice view from your balcony.

  4. Hawaii threw up in your room : ) So funny! What beach were you at? I find that the room decor and the hotels are SO bad at Wildwood. I would never imagine paying such high prices for such an unsatisfactory hotel room any where else!