Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girls Weekend Adventures

So part two of girls weekend includes some adventures and lots of good food.
The weather was interesting...sunny, cloudy, warm, cool...mostly depended on the moment of the day and the plans we had made. If we wanted to sit in the sun, the clouds would come. If we changed our minds and decided to be inside, the sun would come out. Oh well...... So instead of waiting it out, we forged ahead seeking excitement and wild times :)
Here we are enjoying the fleeting sun and the brisk breezes (a good hair day was had by all).

First stop, Assateague Island and the famous wild ponies. The beach was amazing, the park was beautiful and the ponies?! We saw lots of evidence of the ponies and not so much of the actual beast.

Lunch was in the sleepy town of Berlin, MD (where the movie Runaway Bride was filmed). Wish I had remembered to take a photo of dessert....a creation from God called Lemon Lust. It left me lusting for more (we shared one so that the sin was not as great). We ate on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel and shopped in some very cute gift/antique stores.

Dinner Saturday night was crab cakes....what else. And good they were...I won't go into lunch since Ellen already shared our sins.

As we always do, we shopped for the souvenier of the weekend - a Christmas ornament and our starfish charms. What great fun and what a gret friend I have in Ellen! Cannot wait until next year........


  1. Sharing dessert is a venial sin and not a mortal sin, unless of course the dessert is called "Lemon Lust" then I think it is a mortal sin. See, Catholicism can be applied to almost every situation. And I can say that since we even went to mass on our trip.

  2. I could not read past Lemon Lust. Sorry.

  3. I think this is something that should be done twice a year. At the least!

  4. I LOVE your girls trip! The more I learn about it the more I LOVE it : ). Your souveniers were perfect! How cool was that to be in a town where a movie was filmed? And those crab cakes. HOLY CANOLLI!