Saturday, May 23, 2009

TGIF or should it be TGIS and a long weekend

Yes, I know it is Saturday and I am not one who lnormally longs for Friday each week.....I seem to have boundless engergy (or I am too stupid to listen to my body say STOP) and have enough things going on that all the days blend together.....however, this week is very different. We had our first case of positive H1N1 in our school district this week.....with it came panic and concern. While that was expected, it meant that our team spent endless hours on the phone calming nerves, talking to parents of potentially high risk children, documenting each and everyone of these interactions and keeping other important staff up to date.

Now that it is the weekend, I hope to NOT speak to anyone on the phone or type a single word into a computer (which is why I am getting this ready on Friday afternoon).

Wish I had a pool or hot tub to hang out in all weekend - with a glass of good wine, of course. Have a good weekend and everyone stay well.......


  1. You know you can always escape to NJ.

    Hope next week is much better. If you feel up to a conversation that is not H1N1 related, call. We can discuss the balloon festival.

  2. Here's to a calm Dr. office tomorrow.